Weak Bladder Muscles Can Lead To Control Issues

When you are having issues with controlling your call of nature, it’s likely that you are dealing with weak bladder muscles. Over time, just as any other muscle of the body, the bladder muscles can lose their strength. This is a problem that can lead to issues like urine leakage or full blown urinary incontinence. These problems are chronic conditions. They can be treated by increasing the strength of the bladder muscles. The root cause of this urine seeping out involuntarily is weak sphincter muscles. These are the muscles that surround the bladder. Their job is to release when you urinate and to contract when you are not. When they are weak, their contraction doesn’t always hold. This is when leakage occurs.

Improving the strength of your bladder muscles starts with providing them with the hormones they need to grow. Many people hear about pelvic floor exercises, which can work. But, the problem is if you don’t have the hormones you need to spark growth, growth simply won’t be able to occur. This is why bladder medication, such as Flotrol, are so effective. You can learn about these medications at flotrol.net. When you supply your body with the right hormones it needs for the pelvic floor muscles to grow, they will start to get stronger. When these weak muscles become strong they are better able to hold the contraction of the bladder and prevent leakage.